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If you want to watch porn or act out sexually, that’s your business. If you want to stop, we can help.

**Coronavirus Update**

6/13/20 – One of our meetings has returned to an in-person meeting. Check the local schedules in the links below for all meeting details.

5/16/20 – Our in-person meetings have opted to switch to Zoom meetings for the foreseeable future.

For meeting ID/password, please call +1-424-209-7739 or request our Zoom info in the form below.

Stay Safe and Stay Sober!


To ask questions or for more information, call +1-424-209-7739 or submit your email address below.


Anyone* with a desire to stop viewing pornography and stop
acting out sexually is welcome in our fellowship.

*SPAA is open to all people regardless of sexual orientation, gender, socio-economic status, religious, spiritual, or cultural background, and physical or mental abilities.